Auto Caps Lock App

We built an app to manage the headache of switching between applications needing caps lock and regular apps. This is good for the insurance and medical industry. Very simple to use and configure, we also provide source code if that's your thing. Simple pricing, $10.

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We love guns. We love shooting off hundreds of rounds of ammo as fast as humanly possible. Now you can't do that without a bunch of magazines. Good thing we bought a whole container ship full. Come and get'em, we're basically giving them away for free.

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TwiML Host

VoIP is awesome. If you aren't using voip, you need to come into 2017. We also love to hack together stuff and this cool project allows people to do exactly that. Free TwiML snippet hosting! TwiML is Twilio's scripting language that lets you do sooo many cool things.

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Hot Coffee Club

Who doesn't love coffee? We started this because we love coffee and want to share with the world. We roast our own and ship same day, we know how important fresh coffee is. Get a subscription for yourself and it's great as a gift for holidays! Visit the site for a free sample!

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The Kopeck Fund

The Fund is the backbone of Kopeck Holdings. Acting as our investment vehicle, the Fund is what allows us to continue expanding, investing, and taking on new projects. Nothing is too outrageous for us to consider investing in. Ask us how you can also be a part of the Fund.

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Rolling Blunts

A new cigarillo company geared for the modern crowd. We know what you want, and we listened with this new innovative cigarillo manufacturing procedure. We may be new and young, but we're growing fast! Don't have them in your area yet? Send us an email and we'll see what we can do!

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Central Aviation

Going fast is fun, hence, airplanes are fun. We make sure yours is running still. Specializing in APU repair and overhaul. Nothing better than chilling on your private jet flying to some exotic location. If your jet is broke, call us up. AOG services available.

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